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Zukowski Commits to Creighton

By Mikey Rottier

Just about everything in the past year has been affected by the global pandemic and many activities have been put on hold. Cuyler Zukowski however, refuses to be stopped. The La Follette junior just committed to Creighton, a division one university with a profound baseball program. Outside of the La Follette Varsity baseball team, Cuyler also plays for GRB academy, one of the leading player development programs in the Midwest for baseball. Usually GRB fosters several D1 commits every year, but the numbers have been dwindling due to the COVID-19 outbreak that put restrictions on recruiting. “This summer it was tough, because D1 [recruiters] couldn’t actually leave their campus and come watch us,” Zukowski (11) said. “They all had to judge off video and what other people were saying about certain players. By this time usually about half of the players on my travel team would have already been recruited, but only three of us have committed.”

Despite the stipulations put on recruiting players, Cuyler’s prodigious baseball talent caught the eye of a Creighton recruiter and they made him an offer. Cuyler said his goal is to one day get drafted to a Major League team, but for now he is taking it one step at a time.

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