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The Lance Newspaper Presents: The April 7th Election!

By Ava Kaminski

‘Tis the season to cast your ballot for the presidential primaries. The Democratic nominee race has been narrowed down to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. While Biden is holding the lead in delegates, it is not mathematically impossible for Sanders to catch up, therefore your vote in this election is still crucial. Also on the ballot, there will be Wisconsin Justice of the Supreme Court, Dane County Supervisor, Dane County Circuit Court Judge, Court of Appeals Judge, MMSD School Board Members and a yes or no question for giving victims of crimes additional rights in the court systems. Although the main buzz is around the choosing of the candidate for president, all the other names on the ballot will directly impact our community and the choices made locally.

Wisconsin public officials realize that this year voting needs to happen differently. With the government and CDC (Center of Diseases Control) suggesting a six foot distance between people, and the recent “Safer at Home” order made by Governor Tony Evers, elections need to look different. Many Wisconsinites are still casting their ballot by absentee voting. Voters apply for an absentee ballot on the same website where you register to vote. (https://myvote.wi.gov/en-US/VoteAbsentee) Those who do not get their absentee ballot request in time will have to check into a local polling place. Extra precautions will be set in place; voters will sanitize hands on the way in and out, and booths will be wiped down.

Without further ado, The Lance Newspaper presents the Presidential Candidates! For the Republicans, you know him, you’ve seen him on (reality) TV, it is President Donald Trump. Representing the Democrats as the final two standing, we have Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Trump has been the president for the last four years, and is hoping to “Keep America Great”. He has done many things throughout his last four years in office and does not plan on easing up these changes. One of the most controversial promises made by Trump was to build a border wall along the Southern Border. There have been bills passed that will pay for the wall, some construction has been made, and he hopes to finish this wall during his next four years of Presidency. He is also working to get undocumented immigrants out of the United States. Trump is committed to making the economy work for Americans by cutting taxes (for the top 1%) and opening job opportunities he has changed the way our economy functions. Trump supports the “pro-life” movement and wants to keep all American lives safe. Trump supports the second amendment and wants to keep the fundamental right to own guns available for all Americans. If you would like to look more into his accomplishments, https://www.promiseskept.com/ is a great resource.

Bernie Sanders is a U.S. Senator from Vermont, and was also a contender for the presidential nominee in the 2016 election. “I’m running for president so that, when we are in the White House, the movement we build together can achieve economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all,” Sanders writes on his campaign website. Sanders has been working on these issues since he was a young politician and won’t stop now. He wants to make the American dream accomplishable for everyone by making high education free, raising the minimum wage, and providing citizens with debt relief. He also wants to make sure all Americans have access to healthcare - the leading cause of debt - by expanding medicare. He wants to protect women's rights and support them in battles to come. Racial equity is a high priority for Sanders, and while there is no one place to start he wants to focus on police brutality and the justice system. Sanders also wants to make America a safe place for refugees and immigrants that want to start a life in this country. He believes that they are the backbone of this country and wants to give them a chance to thrive. For more information of what Sanders plans to do when he reaches the White House visit https://berniesanders.com/issues/.

Joe Biden was President Obama's Vice President for both of his terms from 2008-2016, and has experience in the White House. Biden has not been in the game of equality for his whole life, but it is never too late to hop on the train. He supports the expansions of public health insurance and the expansion of the Affordable Care Act. He also supports women's health care and their right to choose what happens to their body. Biden supports equal pay, debt relief and expanding the job market. He wants to give students an opportunity to attend a two year community college paid for by the federal government, which will make a 4 year degree cheaper. Biden plans to tackle racial inequities in prisons, police force, and across our justice system. He plans on supporting the Green New Deal and making America an overall greener place.

Biden is committed to Americans, and for more information on his plan for our country visit https://joebiden.com/joes-vision/.

Remember this primary election is just as important as the general one in November, and every vote matters. Note that this is only one article from a school newspaper, and that it would be impossible to fit in all of the plans and history behind each candidate. Continue to do research on the candidates and make sure their plans align with your values. Happy voting, Lancer community!

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