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The Importance of Supporting Local Buisness

By Ally Rau

Even in this hardship of the coronavirus, it is important to help your local businesses. Local businesses add culture to communities and if we lose them, we will lose what makes Madison so special. With the shutdown going on, what we do as a community will ultimately make sure that local businesses stay open.

One of the easiest kinds of local businesses to support is restaurants. Even though restaurants are not allowed to offer sit-down business, many are offering take-out and delivery options. When ordering take-out, the money is staying in the community and helps keep the restaurant in business. “Many local businesses are being affected by the coronavirus, whether it be having to alter their hours or being forced to shut down completely,” Marlena Mraz (11) said. “Some businesses have been subject to tough decisions such as cutting staff as well as making pay cuts. These things have greatly affected the operation of many local businesses and the employment of countless community members,” she added. Many people work in the food industry, and many restaurants have had to shut down or limit their amount of staff, which leaves many people without jobs or the hours they need to support themselves.

A local man from Verona created a website called Keep Calm and Carry Out Madison, with multiple local restaurants of many different cuisines. It is an easy way to find local restaurants all around Madison to support. Many restaurants offer their menu and some include their take-out procedure. Restaurants bring a lot of life to neighborhoods, but there are also many other local businesses out there.

Small businesses such as local grocery stores and clothing boutiques are important in our community as well. If you had an appointment somewhere, don’t cancel, but reschedule. Atlanta Small Business Network states that when you reschedule an appointment during this time it shows that you still plan on coming back. Some small businesses are also offering online shopping, according to AMTrust Financial. “People can help by buying from and supporting local businesses that are still in operation,” Mraz said. By doing this, you are receiving products that are local to your community along with helping the business.

Local businesses add so much character to a city and we do not want to see that go away; even if you just order take-out once, it is going to help benefit your community.

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