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My Body, My Choice...Right?

Annabelle Reynolds

The word “abortion” is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy,” according to the Oxford dictionary. The issue of abortion is very controversial in today’s society. There are two main sides to the debate, pro-life and pro-choice. Pro-life supporters want life to prevail, no matter what. They think abortion is wrong and should be illegal. pro-choice people, however, believe women should be able to make the choice for themselves, whether they choose to abort their baby or not. With new laws throughout the nation, the issue of abortion has never been more topical. Recently, new laws in Alabama have been at the forefront of media regarding the situation. The laws in Alabama are very strict regarding abortion, and there are no exceptions included. Women are not allowed to get abortions even in the case of rape or incest. Doctors are facing heavy charges for performing abortions, up to 99 years in prison. By giving a life sentence, they are saying if you’re going to take the life away from this baby, we’re going to take your life from you. The Alabama government is hoping this new rule will scare doctors enough so they won’t perform abortions. A major issue with making abortion illegal is that people are still going to find ways to do it anyway. If abortion is illegal, it won’t stop women from doing it themselves or with an unsafe clinic, which can not only kill the baby, but the mother as well. There is so much stigma around being pregnant, unmarried, and young that some women will go to any lengths to continue with their life the way it was before getting pregnant. This issue is extremely prevalent for teenagers who may have become pregnant. Many young women have unsupportive households that wouldn’t be there for them if something like this were to happen. Parents could force the girl to keep the child, therefore throwing her entire life off track and keeping her from following her dreams. If a woman were to carry the baby to term and give it up for adoption, there are so many things she wouldn’t be able to do. Many teen mothers don’t receive the same schooling every else does and are often transferred to alternative education spaces. According to the New York Times, nine states have passed bills to limit abortions in 2019. Alabama was the only one to completely ban it no matter how far along the pregnancy is. Other states that limited abortion were Utah, Montana, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Ohio, Louisiana, and Georgia. “It makes me think about how people’s opinions shouldn’t be law. You can be pro-choice and not support abortion. Just because you wouldn’t choose it doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else,” Lydia Burke (11) said. The government, which consists of mostly men, is deciding what is “right” for women, and what they should be able to do with their bodies. Women around the country are outraged and trying to fight back with the famous line, “My body, my choice”. Countless rallies and organizations like Planned Parenthood have been creating petitions and trying to help people fight back for the control of their bodies. Laws have been put into place, but the fight isn’t over. Choice-ers and life-ers alike will continue to fight for their side until one gets what it wants.

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