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LHS Teach Out

By: Allison Rau

With Madison schools beginning to reopen, many teachers and staff want to make sure it is being done in a safe and effective way. When reopening schools became an approaching reality, there were many fears of what that would mean for keeping students, staff, and teachers safe when learning in the same physical space.

In response, La Follette teachers organized a demonstration called LHS Teach Out, in which teachers taught their classes virtually in the parking lot of the school. One of the biggest concerns that teachers and staff had was that not many teachers had been able to get vaccinated, but with time many teachers have now had the opportunity. “The main goal of the Teach Out was to show support for teachers & staff who have worked in-person all year, as well as the elementary staff that returned to work that week,” Kelly Ferguson, La Follette Spanish Teacher, said. “Many staff and students were returning to the buildings without adults (or students) being fully vaccinated, and some students and staff have been in those conditions all year.”

The LHS Teach Out was a way to bring awareness to some of the major concerns with returning to in-person learning. According to Ferguson, teachers have been asking many questions about what reopening will look like, and not been receiving many answers from the school district. Along with having a multitude of questions, the Teach Out also brought awareness to the fact that some teaching has still been going on in the school. “We also were showing, visibly, that just because the buildings were mostly closed, teaching and learning has been going on, and that we as teachers are dedicated to helping our students learn to the best of our abilities, no matter where we are when those classes happen,” Ferguson shared. The main goal of returning to in-person school is to support students, and to do so in a way that keeps everyone healthy.

MMSD 9th and 12th graders are set to begin in-person classes on April 20th if they so choose, with 10th and 11th graders having the choice starting April 27th. With a date set for reopening, there is both excitement and stress flowing through the La Follette community. There are still many unknowns and questions about what will happen and how it will go, but let’s hope for a nice way to finish this unprecedented school year.

Photo Credit: Ruthie Hauge, The Capital Times

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