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Future of MMSD Schools: The Proposed Referendum

By Ally Rau

As learning has changed throughout the years, so have our schools. The MMSD Referendum plans to upgrade our schools according to the necessities of today’s student body. On the November ballot, Madison residents will have a chance to vote on investing $350 million into upgrading the Madison high schools. “I most certainly think the referenda is a great idea, because it is an investment in our students, families, and our community as a whole,” La Follette principal, Devon Larosa, said.

The referendum includes a $33 million investment which will help grow our schools to become more equal, keep fine arts programs, grow science and technology programs, and hire more educators of color. This plan will allow schools to devise more opportunities for students to adapt with the times and overall enhance all of our schools’ learning experiences. The plan will cost $317 million, to upgrade the four main Madison high schools, Capital High, and build a new elementary school in the Rimrock area. The plan for La Follette High School is to upgrade the area less formally known as “The Pit” into an instructional area, create new science and STEM (science, technology, energy, and mathematics) areas, create a more secure and accessible Welcome Center, along with much more. “I think it will allow teachers and students the opportunity to innovate in our new space,” Larosa said. An additional part of the referendum is reducing our school's carbon footprint. The use of natural and LED lighting would be used along with an increase in outdoor learning.

The referendum is the future of MMSD schools that will bring more opportunities to our schools and communities. “I think they both are in an investment in LHS and MMSD. We will benefit from both! I am excited!” Larosa said.

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