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Fall Sports Spring Forward

By Mikey Rottier

Unfortunately, the cruel cursed hand of COVID-19 has once again reached down to disturb another meaningful part of our lives. The coronavirus pandemic has forced the Big Eight and Badger conferences to postpone their fall sports seasons. With the two major conferences opting out of the fall season, the WIAA approved a spring season for all fall sports, in addition to a delayed fall season for conferences and schools that plan to trudge on.

The “fall-into-spring” season will begin late February and early March, continuing through the end of April and early May. The traditional spring season will start at the end of the rearranged fall season.

Seniors hoping to compete at the collegiate level may also be worried about getting left unnoticed by recruiters and coaches. Senior cross country runner Karl Olson was poised for a promising season and is now trying to keep a positive outlook as the team adjusts to the circumstances. “When the chance comes to compete, we will be ready to show everyone the hard work, early mornings, and many miles we have been putting in,” Olson said about the postponement.

In these unpredictable times, it is essential for athletes to keep up with the news and modify their training in a way that ensures they are ready to compete when the time comes.

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