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Athletes Spring Back From COVID

By Michael Rottier

The long awaited return of high school sports is upon us in MMSD schools, and it provides a much needed sense of reestablished normalcy for many student athletes. MMSD athletics has announced that following the end of the virtual winter sports seasons, the fall sports that were cancelled earlier this school year will be made up virtually throughout March and the beginning of April. This virtual sports schedule will include a minimum 4-5 hours per week of active individual training for athletes, and 1-2 hours per week of virtual synchronous meeting with coaches and teammates. This alternative fall sports schedule will continue through March 26th, at which point MMSD plans to reevaluate and make a final decision on any potential in-person fall sporting events. For more information on each individual fall or spring sport, please contact your head coach. A listing of the head coaches and their respective sports can be found on the La Follette Athletics website.

MMSD hopes to have a much more complete and genuine spring sports season this year. With the right amount of testing and precautions to minimize the risks of the current pandemic, there are hopes for MMSD to proceed with in-person spring athletics, starting as early as April 19th.

According to the MMSD guidelines, these sports will be able to take place but only with an abundance of caution. All referees, spectators, athletes and coaches will be required to wear masks during any in-person events. Coaches will be encouraged to break off small groups of five to ten athletes during practice to limit the amount of contact. If a player or coach begins to have any symptoms they will be removed from competition immediately.

Although these plans to resume MMSD’s athletics are not set in stone, it is certainly a step in the right direction. With athletes having missed out on their normal fall and winter seasons already, the hopefulness of a return to the field, court, track, etc. is exactly what is needed to help boost athletes' engagement in school, and their social lives. MMSD understands the importance of high school athletics for students' mental and physical well being, and also the eagerness of students and families to get back to competition.

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