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Artists of the Term: Grant Borcherding and Lauren Trowbridge

By Annabelle Reynolds

When you think about artists, the first thing that may come to mind is painting, drawing, or anything visual. Lauren Trowbridge and Grant Borcherding are changing that definition. Trowbridge and Borcherding have both been involved in the acting scene for quite some time, and they’ve both been shining brightly!

Lauren Trowbridge has been musical pretty much her entire life. “Music was always part of my life. My dad is in a band so I remember making up songs and singing with him while he played the guitar,” Lauren Trowbridge (12) said. She got her official choral start in her church choir at St. Bernard’s Church when she was in third grade, and continued with the same group all the way through her junior year of high school. She was an instrumentalist as well, playing handbells with St. Bernard’s for ten years and violin in the school orchestra for five.

Lauren’s theatrical debut was in seventh grade with First Act Children’s Theatre as a lioness in The Lion King. Since then, she has fallen in love with the craft and continued to act with First Act for six summers. She has been a theatre camp counselor there since seventh grade. She has been part of the La Follette theatre scene since her freshman year and has absolutely loved every bit of it. Her favorite role was during her sophomore year when she played Sally Brown in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. Being her first lead, the role of Sally Brown will forever be close to her heart. Lauren claims the best part about theatre is the community. “They inspire me to be a leader, a better person, and I’ve always been able to be vulnerable around them,” Trowbridge explained about the people she’s met through theatre.

After high school, Lauren has major plans. She is committed to St. Catherine’s University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She plans on majoring in American Sign Language and minoring in theatre. She will be auditioning for the traveling choir and hopes to visit Madison!

With a GPA of 3.92, Lauren has always strived to get good grades and works hard to achieve academically. She is in Honors and AP classes and has certainly never taken a day off!

Since he was 8, Grant Borcherding hasn’t stopped acting. His introduction into theatre was “Oliver!” with St. Bernard Player’s, a community theatre located in Madison. He didn’t always know that he wanted to or be involved in theatre. “My mom signed me up for everything. Sports, everything,” Grant Borcherding (12) said. When his mom signed him up for “Oliver!” he thought maybe he’d try something new. From there, he fell in love with theatre and went on to work with CTM (Children’s Theatre of Madison), Upstart Crows, a summer camp at American Players Theatre four times, and of course, La Follette. His favorite theatre experience was when he did “Curtains” with CTM because he was really able to connect with the people in the cast. He just closed La Follette’s spring musical “13” as Brett Sampson, and “Big Fish” with St. Bernard Player’s as Don Price, which ended up being shows #34 and #35 in the last nine years.

Other than theatre, Grant has been involved in many other extracurriculars. He plays volleyball for La Follette and was on the tennis team during his freshman and sophomore year. He was an advocate in the student council at LHS for several years and has volunteered within the school numerous times.

As for school, this is actually only his third year at La Follette. For his junior year, Grant had the amazing experience of studying abroad in Bolivia. He was abroad for ten months and was able to learn a ton about the culture while living with several different host families in Tarija, Bolivia. With a GPA of 3.63, it has never been in question whether or not Grant exceeds academically. He has taken numerous AP and Honors classes and has continued to excel in every aspect.

Although he hasn’t quite decided where he wants the rest of his life to take him, he hopes theatre will be part of his life forever.

Borcherding and Trowbridge are both extremely talented in the arts and it will be very exciting to see what more they can achieve!

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