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Artists of the Month: Ana Graham Cook, Cecilia Hogan, and Anya Hunter

By Jessica Rieder

This school year definitely didn’t end on what we’d call a “normal” note, but three La Follette artists went above and beyond to make sure that we would still have a yearbook to commemorate all the time we had with each other this year.

Ana Graham-Cook, Anya Hunter and Cece Hogan, the head editors of the La Follette Yearbook, took no days off, even after the news of quarantine. They worked hard from home to complete the project that usually would have had in-class time, and an entire staff’s help.

Cece Hogan (12) is one of the three yearbook editors that’s been hard at work from her own home. She joined yearbook after taking graphic design her freshman year because she had an interest in photography. Her time in the class has meant a lot to her and has given her skills that she can use in many different job settings. “The three years that I’ve been in the class, I’ve learned so many important lessons in a job-like setting and I’ve had the chance to work with so many people and learn from them,” Hogan said. “It has been a place where I feel comfortable and in control when all else is the complete opposite,” she finished. In addition to working on the yearbook for three years, she also kept busy during her time at La Follette with varsity soccer, National Honors Society, SAAC, Green Club and Power Club, all while maintaining a 3.81 GPA. Next year she’ll be attending Northern Michigan University to major in environmental studies and sustainability.

Ana Graham-Cook (12) has been working hard to complete an incredible 2019-2020 yearbook as well. She also joined the class her sophomore year after taking graphic design. “I have always been someone willing to try new things and yearbook was new, so I took a chance and it has paid off,” Graham-Cook said. “The yearbook class has really paved my way through high school and I can’t even imagine what I would be doing if I wasn’t in yearbook. It is a big time commitment because it is way more than just putting photos and words on a page,” she finished. She has also been a part of the varsity girls soccer team throughout high school, and she’s had lots of fun and loved all her teammates! She’s maintained a 3.7 GPA while keeping busy with soccer and yearbook. Next year she’ll go to Ripon College and although her major is undecided she is committed to play soccer there!

Anya Hunter (12) is another head editor who has been determined to complete a great yearbook for this school year. She joined the class her sophomore year as well, at the recommendation of her older sister. She enjoys being creative and taking pictures, so she thought the class would be a great fit for her; evidently it was! “Yearbook class has been a big part of high school for me. I made a lot of friendships through that class and learned a lot of useful skills, such as how to use Photoshop and InDesign. I also learned how to be creative and think outside the box,” Hunter said. “It is very hard to work on the yearbook from home because you have to be extremely careful not to make mistakes, as other people can’t fix them for you. It’s also hard to communicate with the other editors and Ms. Kennedy to make sure we’re all doing our part and that our pages look good. However, it is going pretty well and even though it’s stressful, I think the book will still turn out great,” she said. In addition to being in yearbook, Hunter has been on the LHS Dance Team and was a captain her senior year, participated in National Honors Society, did lots of volunteering and kept an impressive 3.91 GPA. Next year she’ll be attending Liberty University for a major in elementary education.

We are all extremely appreciative of the three La Follette artists who ensured that we’d have a yearbook for this hectic year, and we’re sure that they’ll all excel in their futures with the skills they’ve learned from their time in this rewarding class!


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