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Amy Cony Barett Confirmed to the Supreme Court

By Nick Turk

Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg this past September, President Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Despite a public dispute on whether the vacant seat should be filled so close to a presidential election, Trump’s nomination of Barrett was confirmed on October 27. She is now officially an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Normally, filling a seat would not be an issue to most people, but considering how we are nearing an election, and an important one at that, people don’t want the President nominating someone that could be the deciding vote in his

favor, if the election would come in a tie. People fear that Trump nominated Barrett to purposely tip the court to majority republican. However, he claims that the court needs to have a fair number of votes, regardless of favor. “We saw the same situation a few years ago with Obama, only his nomination was denied,” Ethan Minter (12) said. Having Barrett fill the seat of Supreme Court Justice is controversial for many people, espicially considering her anti-LGBTQ and extreme conservative beliefs. Though she claims that her religious beliefs do not have any effect on her decisions, many believe that it will interfere with important decisions regarding LGBTQ+ rights and marriage. Barret believes in originalism, meaning she tries to follow things according to how the Constitution intended things to be followed. Originalism can deter judges from factoring personal values into interpretation, but the argument is made that certain pieces of the Constitution are outdated and need to be changed as the country changes .

Losing Ginsburg had a big impact on the Supreme Court, and it will be hard to replace her. We will now see how much of an impact nominating Barrett will have on the election. We have to hope that she will make the decisions that are best for the country.

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