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A Virtual Fall Play? Hip, Hip, Hooray!

By Annabelle Reynolds

School looks a lot different than it did a year ago, but arguably the area with the most change is the La Follette theatre program. What used to be onstage and in person is now moving to be more Zoom-friendly. Nevertheless, theatre is making a comeback and La Follette will be having a 2020 fall play!

Directed by Sam White, the play “What I Want To Say But Never Will” is a series of monologues submitted anonymously by teenagers from all over the country and compiled into a show with a narrator. The monologues are all, essentially, about things that are going on in people’s heads that they normally can’t say out loud. The play is extremely real, as it touches on topics like heartbreak, loneliness, self-harm, drug abuse -- the list is endless.

Auditions took place last week on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of November, and rehearsals will run from November 16th to December 16th. The show will not be live, a finished video will be streamed for a week Mid-December, dates to be determined.

It’s not what anyone expected this year’s show to look like, but La Follette and the new director are doing everything possible to give our theatre students something to look forward to. “For this particular show, I’m most excited about working with this director. He is from Forward [Theater] and he has a ton of experience, so I think it’ll be really great,” Mina Linsenmayer (12) said. Linsenmayer has taken part in the past three fall play productions, so she is no newbie to the program. “I think my favorite part is the live performances, but we don’t get to have those this year, so I think it’s going to be more about the rehearsal process for me,” Linsenmayer said.

Keep your eyes out for more information involving the fall play!

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