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Green Bay Packers: Through the Decade

The NFL’s Green Bay Packers is a team that has had multiple great seasons in the last decade with injuries, victories, statistics and achievements.

In the last decade, Aaron Rodgers, the star quarterback for the Packers has been injured seven times, some taking him out of a few games others stopping him from playing the rest of the season. Like in 2015 when Aaron Rodgers broke his collarbone and was out for the season.

The Packers ended up losing and relieving more than half of these players from their original 2010 star players.The biggest impact of losing Clay Matthews and Jordy Nelson the team has had to start a new and recruit a new future. By doing so the team has improved after changing management. Now halfway through their 2019-2020 season with a record of 9-3 they're the leading team in the NFC North.

The Packers may have lost some of their key players but by replacing them they’ve opened multiple new windows of opportunities.“ The team has gotten much better, even though they have lost some of his favorite players and there's still the chance they fall in the last half of the season like before” Seth Thompson (9) Packers fan, said. The Packers have had amazing starts to the season only to fall short which could happen again this season.

There have been multiple overachievers on the Packer’s whom have proven their dedication and love for the sport, and have in return been recognized for their athletic prowess in the Hall of Fame. Former Packer Brett Favre, Dave Robinson, Ron Wolf and Jerry Kramer have been recognized in the last decade. There has also been given two MVP and Air Player Award to star quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The overall team’s statistics have changed steadily through the last decade they’re getting lower every year with the exception of this year . This could be due to new management they’ve bettered significantly from having a record of 6-9-1 last year to having 9-3 only three quarters done with the season. After the team took McCarthy out, who averaged more losses than wins in the past two years, LaFleur who is turning this team around.

To look closer at the different seasons that there have been, we can break down their different records and achievements in detail. In 2011 the Packers had a 15-1 record only losing to the Chief’s 19-14 but overall securing the 2011 Super Bowl against the Steelers. The last playoffs that the Packers have made is the 2016 playoffs but they fail to emerge victorious.In 2017 the Packers had a terrible record of 7-9 where they lost more than they won, although they were under the leadership of McCarthy them in 2018 where they had a record of 6-9-1 even worse.

In the end the Packers have had their highs and lows in the last decade from their 2011 Super Bowl win and those who have represented with awards, to their 2017 and 2018 losing record of 6-9-1 and 7-9.

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