• Tylor Brackett

Decade of Dog Accomplishments

There have been so many things that dogs have done to save lives and better lives by giving a helping hand.

In 2010 there was a team of dogs in Afghanistan confronting a suicide bomber not American soldiers but a group of stray dogs that secured the area of civilians and made sure no one was killed during the detonation.

In the past decade there have been multiple similar examples of K9 heroes and how they've been used for combat and for protection. To start off broad ever since 600 BC. dogs have served as military companions and rescue animals for various countries due to their stature and intellect. There has been so many of these great heroes forgotten and unrecognized like Bary the St. Bernard rescue dog who saved over 40 people in his lifetime living in the Alps, there was also Chips the most decorated German Shepherd from World War II who earned a Purple Heart and Silver Star during the war. In the past decade there have been even more hero K9’s than before like Abigail the Pit-Bull who was used to spread awareness to end the cruel practice of dog fighting with “Bonnets for Abigail” a foundation dedicated to her. Adak the German Shepherd on a U.S. K9 team that saved 20 people from a terrorist attack in Afghanistan by searching for explosives and clearing the area. These dogs have done amazing actions and now the next generation of heroic dogs are being trained in the military all around the U.S. This training takes about four to seven months and is comprised of the basic dog training then moving onto the strike commands and tactics such as detecting certain smell and obedience of the highest standards. With this added training these dogs are the companions that help save lives.

These K9’s isn’t only soldiers they are also service dogs that can do anything from guiding to calming. There are Dogs that help the deaf by giving signs when things happen like when the doorbell rings or when a baby cries. Meanwhile there are other kinds like mobility, diabetic/seizure awareness dogs. The Mobility dogs help those with physical impairments and fetch things for them. The Diabetic awareness dogs helps warn their owners about their blood sugar. The Seizure awareness dogs help notify their owner when they start showing their personal seizure signs and get help.

In recent medical events some dogs are being trained to smell Cancer Cells. To dive into more detail, the dogs have a really good sense of smell and are naturally attracted to the smell of cancer even though it practically odorless but not for dogs sense they have 100,000 times better sense of smell.

In conclusion, there are many stories and events that dogs have saved or bettered lives for people in and they often don't get the recognition they deserved but do it anyways.

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