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Top 10 Things to do in the Winter

In the winter it gets harder to do things with family and friends due to weather but that does not mean we should hibernate from the outside world. With winter comes snow and with snow comes an entire world of activities, such as snowboarding and skiing, ice skating, and bonfires, all of which are accessible in the Madison area.

Snowboarding and skiing are accessible at “Devils Head” or at “Cascade Mountain” starting at $60 for day passes not including rentals. Snowboarding and skiing are a fun activity for friends and families to enjoy, and there are slopes for all skill levels.

Another outdoor activity is going ice skating, in the Madison area alone there are multiple locations where ice skating is open such as the McFarland community rink, the Madison ice arena and the ice rink, all of which are open to the public with more to follow. Ice skating is a thrill for all ages with hockey, races and showing off skills with friends. “Ice skating is an amazing and fun way to connect and hang out with friends,'' Aidan Esquivel (9) said.

Bonfires are also a really good neighborhood activity where families can come together to share food and laughter. This event can bring a community together and melt the coldest of hearts in a matter of moments.

There are not only outdoor activities to do in the winter there are other things to do like going to see the latest movies, work out, visit one of Madison’s many museums or our capital.

At the movies there are multiple new features including Star Wars, 1917, Tanhaji, Bad Boys for Life and Knives Out which all are top rated winter movies.

In the museums department Madison is filled with different chances to learn and explore different aspects of our history and expression like art and veteran’s museums. Madison’s art museum's impressive collection includes prints, photographs, paintings and sculptures from prehistoric times to modern day. Special exhibitions showcasing local artists take place throughout the year. The Wisconsin Veterans Museum acknowledges, affirms, and commemorates the role of Wisconsin citizens from Civil War to present military history. If history is your thing our state capital is filled with rich Wisconsin's history and government information.

In the winter it might be hard to get the usual exercise that you normally do due to the weather but in Madison there are multiple gyms that offer teen memberships so you can still get the physical exercise your missing during the off season. There are multiple benefits to working out in the winter whether it’s inside or out. If you do it outside you will burn more calories while also strengthening your heart and feeling more energized. Even if you work out inside you are still being active and keeping your body in shape.

There are also some household activities you can do with your family like game night or a staycation. Game night is very beneficial in strengthening bonds between family members while also seeking victory playing games going from cards to boards. The staycation is another way to bond with your family by having your own little vacation either binging a really good show or just chilling with friends, it's a really good way to refresh and start over.

The winter might be a cold at first but if filled with amazing once a year activity as listed above, we can all warm up to it.

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