• Kelsey Swingen

Technology Advancements Over the Decade

Over the decade iPhones have gone through many changes. iPhones went from having no camera to two cameras, having a headphone jack to only having a charging port. Earbuds switching to wireless. Technology has made major strides over the last decade, changing society as a whole.

In 2009, the iPhone 3GS dropped. The iPhone had 32 GB’s which had never been done before. Apple had only had 16 GB’s previously. This meant that the storage doubled and the features were upgraded. The camera became three megapixels. The 3GS had video recording, voice control, and a digital compass. One year later, Apple came out with the iPhone 4. The phone had a front facing camera, and little did Apple know that the camera would change the way we take photos. With the front camera, the selfie came to be. The phone also had a retina display, meaning the amount of pixels became so high that a person was no longer able to see a single pixel. In October of 2011 the iPhone 4s dropped, coming with 64 GB’s of storage and the introduction of Siri. Next year the iPhone 5 was released and came with many upgrades; the screen became four inches wide instead of three and a half. The phone also had a lightning connector, which means the cord is not connected to the block that is plugged into an outlet but is one cable, which is what we all know. The iPhone 5s and 5c were out a year later. The 5c had a plastic shell with five different colors and was slightly cheaper than the 5s. The 5s also came with the groundbreaking touch ID technology. The next phone was the 6 and 6 plus. The 6 plus had a bigger screen than the 6. The 6 came with 128 GB of space. The 6s and 6s plus were very similar to the 6 but the memory was bumped up to 2 GB of memory instead of 1 GB, along with the new 3D touch.

2016 was a major year for Apple because not one but two iPhones were dropped. The SE and 7 with the 7 plus. The SE was very similar to the 6 but in a smaller scale. The 7 had 256 GB of storage and a new jet black color. The camera on the 7 plus had major upgrades such as improved zoom feature, portrait mode, and a depth of field feature. The biggest part of the phone was the fact that the headphone jack was removed. Leading the earbuds to be plugged into the charging port. People had to use an adapter for other types of earbuds and headphones. The iPhone 8 and 8 plus introduced us to the glass cover on the back of phones and wireless charging. The iPhone X had a dual-facing front camera that lets users take selfies in portrait mode. With it also came the incredible feature of face ID, meaning people can unlock their phone with only their face. The next installment is the XS and XS max. The XS had an edge-to-edge display along with two front facing cameras. The XR was released a year later. The XR was very much like the XS, except it was smaller, came in many more colors and with only one camera. Finally, this year the iPhone 11, 11 pro, and 11 pro max came out. The 11 comes in a few colors and has not one but two cameras with wide and ultra wide lenses. The pro and pro max comes with three cameras. The only difference between the pro and pro max is the size, going from 5.8 to 6.5 inches.

Another technology that Apple has made strides in is the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch first came out in 2015. A person could make calls, use Apple Pay, and track workouts all on the watch. Apple has made around five generations of Apple Watches. Some generations have been discontinued. The newest Apple Watch comes with a choice of four different colors. There are a whole bunch of different features like adding apps, tracking your heart rate, tracking workouts, tracking your period and even telling you when the noise level is getting too loud. There is a huge jump from the first Apple watch to the newest one.

Apple has made multiple new technologies that have pushed boundaries with each phone that has been released. A camera with a zoom feature and portrait mode has only ever been on a professional camera. Any person in the world has the ability to take high quality photos and practice photography now with their device. The wireless earbuds were a major step for a phone company. Sure, there were Bluetooth earbuds out in the world, but no phone company had previously made their own pair of bluetooth headphones. Samsung has recently created a pair of Bluetooth earbuds but it was this year in March while Apple’s were out in the world in 2017. Retina display was a big step for a phone. The retina display on the iPhone 4s had 362 pixels per inch on the screen. The retina screen changed what people could do on phones. People could more than just take pictures and look at the weather. Now people can watch videos, stream television shows, play games and much more. Apple has pushed and changed technology over the last decade. People will just have to wait and see what Apple does next.

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