• Ava Kaminski

Let's Get Ready to Vote!

Eighteen is that magical number where you become an “adult”. More importantly, you get to cast a ballot in order to give input on who you want to represent you in our government. Whether it is local, state, or nationwide elections, all are important in making sure our democracy is working for its citizens. For many the next presidential election is imperative, and if you’ll be old enough voting is a necessity.

On April 7th, Wisconsin will hold its Presidential primary, and the input given through this ballot will decide the final candidates that will be running for President. In order to vote in the April 7th election, you will need to be 18 on or before that date. Along with the Presidential primaries, there will also be just as important local elections taking place. Those elections will include a State Supreme Court Judge, Dane County Judges, voting District Supervisors and MMSD School Board members. These elections will help determine who will make decisions that will impact us the most. As an example, those who are seated on the School Board make decisions about school policies and their decisions directly impact students who are enrolled in any MMSD school.

There are many ways to register yourself to vote in Wisconsin. You can do it online, through the mail, or even in person the day of the election. In order to vote, all people need a valid government issued source of identification, such as a driver's license. To register online go to www.myvote.wi.gov and it only takes a few minutes. The deadline for registering online is March 24th, as you need to have the online forms filled out two weeks in advance. If you're more of a paper person, you can pick up a registration form at a public library and they’ll mail it in for you. If all of this registering business is causing some stress or you don't know where to get started you will be able to receive help in the commons towards middle to the end of March.

There are also some perks for registering at the tables in the commons. “Since I did this in conjunction with March For Our Lives WI, we have t-shirts to hand out for students who register to vote. This year we’ll also have Bernie Sanders stickers and buttons for students who pledge to vote for him,” Grace Jensen (12) said.

In Wisconsin, you can register to vote when you are 17, so if you're 17, that is still something that you might want to consider doing. If you'll be 18 by the general election in November you cannot vote in the primaries in Wisconsin, even though it is allowed in some other states. If you are one of the few in this group, it is still important that you register whenever possible so that you can be ready when your opportunity comes around.

Happy voting Lancers!

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