• Camryn Chasas

Celebrity Deaths that have Impacted us all

Over the decade, people have passed away that we grew up listening to and watching, including famous musicians, artists, authors, actors, and many more. For example, a well-known actor, that almost all of us grew up with and is our Disney channel star favorite, Cameron Boyce. “Well I watched him on Disney channel when I was younger and well it sucks you know, Watching someone you knew at a close age as you grew up on them,” Grant Pogodzinski (9) stated. Cameron Boyce had played in the popular movie and Show, Jessie, and Descendants. He passed away back in August, at age 20 from complications of Epilepsy in his sleep.

Here are a few others who have died in the past ten years and will be greatly missed. Alan Rickman who died in 2016, was popularly known as Snape from Harry Potter. Our American Internet star and meme, Tartar Sauce, also known as Grumpy Cat, died in May 2019. A few musicians were Mac Miller who died in 2018 and Avicii who passed in 2018. Mac Miller was an American Rapper while Avicii was a Swedish Dj. For our Star Trek fans, Leonard Nimoy who played Spock passed away in 2015.

Seeing all the deaths go by as the years go on, it’s sad when we stop to think back and look at all the people who have passed that we know and love.“These deaths affect students, adults, and families because it’s just really sad when they are really good people and well-known” Pogodzinski (9) said. When you’re an older student or an adult, looking back especially hurts a lot of you have watched or listened to them growing up as they were their childhood.

“When famous people that I follow pass away, I feel sad because I had looked up to them and appreciated them very much. It sucks though when you think about it, as they were very entertaining and good at their jobs. So with them gone that space, they once filled will always be gone,” Juliana Prado-Velasquez (9) said. What Prado-Velasquez said is true, and is kinda deep.

After taking the time to process all of these deaths, the ones you knew about and the ones you didn’t, it changes the way you think. Knowing how it can impact people’s lives can always make a slight change in their life. Coming to know and love all these people for whatever talent they specialized in, makes life just a little bit different and that’s okay. Sooner or later we will get over the fact that they gave passed but will forever be missed.

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