• Savanah Shadof

What Grinds my Gears: Astrology

Over the past few years, the pseudoscience of astrology has dominated social media and the younger generation. For those of you that aren’t aware, astrology is described by Merriam Webster dictionary as “the supposed influences of the stars and planets on human affairs.” Horoscopes, a part of astrology, tell us what influence the stars will have in our lives. There are 12 different horoscopes, each correlating with certain birth dates and zodiac signs. To make sense of what I said above, a recent horoscope on Astrology.com about my Zodiac sign, Virgo, told me, “What used to feel like a family obligation is starting to feel like a treat you're lucky to be a part of—and this is a sure sign that you are feeling much more in synch with relatives (especially older relatives).”

You expect me to believe that because two celestial bodies are colliding, that my supposed family problems are being fixed and it’s not because of the hard work I may have put into connecting with my family? The fact that someone can believe something so evidently fake doesn't just grind my gears, it boils my blood.

For many reasons, science and astrology just don’t get along. In fact, there are actually 13 constellations in the zodiac, not the 12 that we love and know. Science points out many holes in astrology, and there’s no need to explain all the flaws here when it should be common sense that planets light years away from us don’t determine our lives.Despite the scientific community rejecting astrology, 26% of Americans are convinced the planets dictate their life.

Astrology is on the rise, but has existed for 2,400 years, created by the Babylonians. In that time, astrology was a synonym for astronomy, where both studied the factual universe.19th century astrologist Alan Leo changed astrologies purpose. He combined astronomy and psychology to result into the popular version of astrology we know today.

When one is struggling with life, rather than seeking help, they turn to the stars to explain how they’re feeling. Additionally, people also use their horoscope to justify poor and unacceptable behavior, rather than acknowledging the fact that they need to work on themselves. “People created them to give themselves excuses for the way they act,” Olivia Hammserly (11) reiterated.

Astrology simply exists to explain ideas and concepts we don’t understand. However, it is a brilliant marketing idea, and hats of to Leo for making modern day companies millions.

Speaking of marketing, from clothing to apps, astrology is a big industry. For example, Daily Mail writer Jonathan Cainer creates horoscope columns that have earned him and his team $2 million annually. This alone proves that astrology is a scam for companies to make money. It’s a common pattern we see worldwide, companies take advantage of gullible people and turn their foolishness into profit.

Astrology can be entertaining, but when you dive deeper into the pseudoscience, you find false information. Our universe has been misinterpreted, and that’s the fault in our stars.

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