• Ally Rau

Volnteer oppertunities at La Follette High School

Getting volunteer opportunities at La Follette has gotten easier with the start of Interact Club. Anyone interested can come to Interact. If you want volunteer hours or just want to help in the community, then it’s the right place to be. “Interact is for anyone who is passionate about serving others and making a positive change,” club leader, Jenelle DeVries (12) says. Interact meets every other Friday in C17. To stay connected and get updates on different activities that are going on, you can follow them on Instagram @lafolletteinteractclub or email them with any questions at lafolletteinteractclub@gmail.com.

Interact, which stands for International Action, is sponsored by Rotary International. Rotary is a worldwide organization that takes on different types of projects and helps make a change all across the world. Some of their large projects have consisted of providing clean water to others, supporting education, and promoting peace. The foundation sponsors clubs all over the world to get them started in helping with community service and volunteering opportunities. Overall they have 1.2 million members and over 35,000 clubs across the world. Rotary is what makes Interact Club possible.

At La Follette, Rotary supports our Interact club to do different service projects in our community. Some things that we have done so far are writing cards to kids who are hospitalized, making positivity posters to hang around the school, volunteering at the blood drive, and many more. Interact helps students get volunteer hours and do positive things for the school. Volunteer hours are vital because they look good for college and job applications. When you have multiple volunteer opportunities, it shows that you like to help others. Interact at La Follette is a positive place where you can meet new people, make a change, and know that you are doing something to help out your school and community. A goal that Interact has this year is doing a service project that can help out an international organization.

Interact is a great place to help the community and our school along with meeting new people and get service hours.

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