• Annabelle Reynolds

The Importance of Days for Girls

In 2008, an international non-profit organization called Days For Girls was founded by a woman named Celeste Mergens. This organization goes to third-world countries and educates women all over the globe about the menstrual cycle and gives them sustainable, reusable feminine products.

In countries or situations where it may be hard to obtain disposable pads or tampons, the Supreme Days For Girls Kit is an amazing product. All in a drawstring bag, it includes eight absorbent liners, two ziplock bags (for washing and storage), one washcloth, two pairs of panties, two waterproof shields, a bar of soap, and instructions on how to use these products. Each liner is designed to look like a washcloth so women can wash and dry them in the sun outside in order to avoid embarrassment.

In addition to the regular kits sold, they also sell a menstrual cup kit. It comes complete with one menstrual cup, a washcloth, one gallon-size freezer bag, a small cloth bag, and a bar of soap. No one kit is necessarily better than the other, it is really just preference. Some people like the menstrual cup because they are very easy to clean and use, whereas others like the regular pad kit because the fabric is soft and it is overall very comfortable.

When Days For Girls visited some third world countries, they realized a lot of women were very uneducated about what a period really is. A main part of their goal is to teach girls what is happening to them and how they can live with their period. “Everyone should learn because it helps to minimize the stigma around periods, and it’s a normal part of life,” Melina Nguyen (11) said. A lot of girls in third world countries can’t do anything when they’re menstruating. They don’t go to school or don’t leave their homes. Life just stops for a while. To cover up their periods, some women in other countries have to resort to using banana leaves, feathers, and even cow manure. Women deserve to know what is going on with their bodies. Days For Girls thinks health education is one of the most important parts about your period, and whenever they go on mission trips, they make sure they give classes and teach women everything they need to know about their period and how to use their brand new kit. “Some of the women impacted by Days For Girls never learned that having a period is normal and healthy, and many don’t have access to period products,” Nguyen said.

Women who are educated about their periods are very grateful and often want to give back by helping/volunteering for Days For Girls. There are branches all over the US, including here in Madison. Madison’s local branch is lead by Adrienne Brannen, who has visited La Follette already this school year with the hopes of starting a La Follette club to work with the Madison Days For Girls chapter. The Madison branch meets one Saturday every month to get together and make reusable feminine products and kits to send to women in need. La Follette’s possible partnership with Days For Girls recognizes that there are women in our own area that would benefit from having their own reusable feminine products. The patented Days For Girls kits are on sale on their website for anyone who wants to buy one.

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