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6nitch9ine's Trial Proves What Many Thought

By now, I’m sure all of us have heard of a particular rainbow haired rapper, Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 6ix9ine. After he blew up in 2018 with his first hit “Gummo”, he quickly rose to the top of the charts. From the beginning, there were many speculations as to if he was as “hard” as he made it seem in his songs. With lyrics like “You can talk hot on the internet boy, that’s that goofy sh*t, we ain’t into that boy”, and “Rap about it do the same thang." This all becomes clearly ironic considering his testimony to the court on September 16, 2019.

This all goes back to November of last year, when Tekashi and other members of the Nine Trey Blood gang were convicted on racketeering charges. In simple words, they participated in illegal acts to earn illegal money. They all pleaded not guilty that night, but after seeing a 47 year sentence with no clear way out, 6ix9ine decided to plead guilty. He simply couldn’t handle the heat. He folded despite the possible consequences. “6ix9ine is a snitch and hypocrite” Ben Daly (11) said.

You don’t run with a gang and speak all that hot stuff on the mic without knowing that bad things are very common with what you do.However, the full truth all came out in September. He admitted to all charges, including racketeering. He admitted to sending a hit out on Chicago rapper Chief Keef as well. Not only did he snitch on himself, he told on the whole crew he promised his allegiance to. At the beginning of his testimony, he identified a few gang members and spoke on what being a Nine Trey Blood was all about. “We participated in a lot of violent crimes; violence, assault, drugs. Sorts of that nature” Hernandez said. He also revealed that he joined the gang in November of 2017, after they shot the video for his breakout single, “GUMMO”. In the video, Tekashi raps about the gang life, drugs, parties, and killing. In the background, tens of hundreds of red clothed individuals were shown with illegal drugs and weapons. The ironic part about this song and video setting is that it was taken in a place Tekashi had never been, with people he had never met, bragging about things that he had never done. His music manager, who was a member of the set, put Hernandez on with the gang. From that point on, he was in. When asked about what he offered the gang, he had this to say; “Just keep making hits and be the financial support for the gang ... so they could buy guns and stuff like that.” When asked about what he got in return, he said “My career. I got the street credibility. The videos, the music, the protection -- all of the above.” After the initial hearings, three people have been sentenced.

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