• Jessica Rieder

How to be a VSCO Girl

VSCO is a photography app where you create an account to upload or take photos, edit, add filters, and share them with other VSCO users or export to other social media outlets. Lately, there has been a common image for VSCO girls that isn’t too difficult to achieve. “It’s not really something that I would personally identify with, but a lot of the trend [includes] Hydro Flasks, kankens. Burt’s Bees, scrunchies, and metal straws,” Jolie Schrage (9) said. Anybody can follow along really, whether they just prefer the things that are associated with the trend or they’re trying to create a VSCO girl image.

The first step to achieving the VSCO girl look is having and using a Hydro Flask. Hydro Flasks are expensive metal water bottles that come in all different styles, sizes and colors, and of course it’s much better if you’ve decorated it with stickers.

After you’ve begun incorporating a Hydro Flask into your everyday routine, the next step is to grow your scrunchie collection. Scrunchies are fun accessories for putting your hair up or just wearing around your wrist. Different materials, colors and patterns are always fun too.

Three important words: Save. The. Turtles. Most VSCO girls have already invested in their own metal straws. “I use metal straws because plastic pollution is a severe issue in the oceans,” Schrage added. Every person who invests in metal straws is one less person filling the oceans with plastic straws, assisting all marine life, especially the turtles.

The next step to achieving VSCO girl status is having friendship bracelets and/or a shell necklace. It all matches the aesthetic and is vital in completing the look.

There is even designated footwear to be considered a VSCO girl, but you have a few options. The first is crocs in any color. If you’re not into crocs though, you can also choose to wear Birkenstocks. Any design or color will do, so feel free to get creative and spice things up.

FjallRaven is a Swedish brand that makes very trendy Kanken backpacks which have become another part of the VSCO girl trend. They come in several different styles as well as colors, and while they’re a bit expensive, many people swear they’re worth it.

Burt’s Bees is another brand that’s commonly associated with the VSCO trend, and are known for their environmentally friendly approach on skin care, makeup, and other beauty products. They swear by “simple, natural, and responsible” ingredients as well as packaging.

Whether you’re trying to look like a VSCO girl or just appreciate the fashion and values that come with the trend, have fun and be yourself!

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