• Alisa Vargas

The Beautiful Culture Of Music In Madison And Appreciation To Local Bands

If you are reading this there is a 99% chance that you live in Madison. Besides the football team and beer Madison is greatly known for the culture of music. If you walk down State Street or go to one of the many fairs and festivals Madison holds during the summer you can hear many local bands and artists. A reggae group named the Natty Nation was founded in Madison in 1995 had the honor of opening a show for The Wailers at the Barrymore theater on Oct. 12, 2019. A drummer by the name of Joey B Banks has made music with rhythm and blues artists Ottis Redding and even the Queen B herself. Madison has many places that bands and singers come to perform such as the Barrymore Theatre, The Red Zone, The Knuckle Down Saloon and much more. A lot of these people let local bands in Madison perform in their venues to gain the recognition many of them deserve. Madison bands range from blues, country, rock to even reggae. Some of the best music you may hear or maybe your new-found favorite band could be from right here in Madison! A band called The Blue Dyes has a member in it that goes to LaFollette. “We performed at Atwood Fest this summer, and it was pretty fun, probably one of our better performances,” Henry Bull Lyon (11) said. Atwood Fest is a music festival held during the last weekend of July. Atwood Fest has 3 stages, 75 vendors and 25 local food stands. “I think any aspiring musician should make an attempt to play live music, especially if it's with others. It's great for confidence and it's a good skill to have. Professional musicians often have to perform live, that you love, playing music and not like stepping out of your comfort zone or trying something new. It's the same idea as playing with others; professional musicians will often find themselves playing with others at some point, so it's best to build those cooperative music muscles early and often, whether it's for playing in tempo, soloing with others, or communicating musical ideas.” Bull Lyon finished. Many people are scared to take the leap of faith into the music industry. Something you can always do whether you're walking down the street or going to a festival is to support local musicians and bands in Madison.

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