• Shahid Ahmid

Technology, and how it has advanced over the past decade

Over the past decade technology has changed drastically in fact so much that technology from 10-15 years ago wouldn´t work today, because of the advances we have seen and are currently seeing. Technology has also affected our lives in many ways than we can imagine. All our information is stored on a wireless server. We may not have many papers that are stored someplace and may burn down but the same thing could happen if the internet stopped working. People would be stuck and confused. Two decades ago teenagers did not have the social networking that we have today, and in fact that is not a very long time. We as the current generation might not even appreciate these technologies or might misuse them to our advantage. There is a positive and a negative effect of these technologies that we today, we might be connected to everybody over our phones, however, we are deprived of real friendships, they streak on Snapchat which increases their snap score, but they might not know the real meaning of streaking. While it’s true that we technology has made far more efficient and we are able to do stuff that would take hours, days or years without technology. We are entertained by technology by watching things like Netflix and Hulu, however, we could be out in nature without worry of growing obese or any of that stuff. We have grown up with technology thus we feel that if technology ends so does our life, however, that is not the truth because our ancestors had fun and lived through wars without any sort of entertainment, and yet they survived and were happy. Technology has changed the way we learn, the way we communicate and our health. We should learn to do things without technology so we can do them if we need to. We must not completely depend on something that could stop working in seconds.


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