• Savanah Shadof and Tziah McNair

Captive State Review

Blockbuster movies that have come out or are pending this year so far are Jordan Peele’s Us, the live remake of Aladdin, and Avengers: Endgame. While all of these are no short of entertaining and thrilling movies, many others disappointed audiences.

One such movie is Captive State, a sci-fi film about extrasestial beings occupying Chicago. Humanity has the choice to continue living under alien rule or resist against it. After reading the description and watching the trailer, it’s easy to assume that while the concept may be unoriginal, the story would at least be intriguing. However, the conflict of humans resisting the alien forces was so poorly executed in this movie. There were plot holes throughout, unresolved conflicts and unanswered questions. “I felt like I missed Captive State: The Beginning, said viewer Allen Driskill. “I was plopped down in the middle of the story and had to try and figure out what was going on. The characters were all bland and did not seem to have a heroic quality that won me over enough to root for them.” Furthermore, the characters were not only uninspiring, but underdeveloped and randomly added and discarded. To an extent that you didn’t even know the names of some “main characters.” It “overwhelmed” the audience and kept them guessing, and many cited it as “boring and confusing” and “unsatisfying.” Some, like @hunterduncan, blatantly called it “trash.” Warren Reavis was like us, and “spent more time trying to make sense out of this movie and didn’t have enough time to be entertained.”

They could’ve strengthened the conflict by developing a few characters journey through alien imperialism rather than saying minimal details about multiple characters experiences. Movies become more interesting when there is a character we can get attached to. We anticipate their actions and responses to dilemma's in the movie. In order to feel that attachment, the director needs to give the main character a majority of the screen time. The aliens were on screen roughly two times, @HEMIHEAD R/T claims they’ve “seen more action in a Spongebob episode.”

“I can imagine hell has this movie on rerun [for] eternity” @jonathan barrett said. If this review stops at least one person from going to see this movie, we’ll feel like we earned our $7.50 and 2 hours back.


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