• Shahid Ahmid

Alabama Anti-Abortion bill signed, although will be very hard to impose

While people do their best to prevent unexpected pregnancies using contraceptives and other measures to assure that it doesn’t happens, mistakes often take place with these things and then women need abortions. People may have reasons that may lead to an abortion such as money, jobs or school, they simply might not be ready yet. People around the world run in to many different issues that can lead to an abortion. The aim of medical providers is to make abortion a very easy process with causing pain to the patient. Instead the state of Alabama has allowed doctors and women to be punished for performing or getting abortions. Earlier this week, lawmakers in Alabama passed a near total ban on abortion, a very controversial issue amongst people in the U.S. The state senate passed the bill that would make performing an abortion at any stage of pregnancy a felony. Historically, the United States is known to have been very liberal about things like this and has made it very easy for patients to abort if they so choose to. However, now we are faced with conservatives whose sole purpose is to be very conservative, and perhaps very selfish since most of the lawmakers who passed this law were males. It is hard to believe that they would be able to promote such a ban, and I can’t imagine how the women of their families would support this nonsense law. The bill then went to Senators whom voted 25-6 for the bill that already cleared the House of Representatives. The bill then went to Gov. Kay Ivey, who decided to sign the legislation into law. The Republican stated that the bill would not end abortions but make them very unsafe, she did not comment on whether she supported the law at all. The bill contains an exception for when the pregnancy creates a serious health risk for the woman, but there is no exception for rape or incest, which is the main issue of this bill. There will be instances in the future where women will be raped, regrettably in our society, and it must be acknowledged that there are women raped as young as 9 to 12 years old. For these women looking to get an abortion, it will certainly not be impossible, but it will become a challenge, a very unsafe and life-threatening challenge that could lead to the loss of lives. Also, there may be women that just aren’t ready to have that child in their lives, perhaps they made the mistake of unprotected sex but now they are challenged by a society whom let her abort the child. One way that this makes it unsafe for women to get abortions is that Medical professionals like doctors whom perform these abortions would not be able to perform since the laws states that if they do perform abortion for women who are unqualified for one according to the state law, may be sentenced up to life in prison, which is a very big price to pay for anyone, so naturally medical professionals would be deeply discouraged to do so. Abortion is the right of every American and it should stay that way. Expressing conservatism in such ways is an unfortunate way to express your feelings and beliefs to the people of this country.


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