• Tyger Yang

What was the cause of the death of Nipsey Hussle?

After the killing of Nipsey Hussle, 19 people were injured during a vigil at the scene of Sunday’s shooting. The police identified the suspect late Monday. Eric Holder, 29, of Los Angeles, was being sought by police. Investigator alleged that Holder went up to Hussle and two other men at the parking lot of Star’s Marathon Clothing, Holder then fired numerous times and then fled in a waiting vehicle where supposedly suspected that the driver was a female. 19 people transported to the hospital, fire official said that most of the injuries that happened appear to be trample injuries. There are so many scenarios on whether what happened but the one that possibly happened was a fight that broke out about 8:30pm. Los Angeles Police Detective Meghan Aguilar described the scene at the vigil as “absolutely chaotic." “People scattered in all directions" amid the "mass panic," Aguilar. Nipsey Hussle was shot in the head once and 5 times in the torso, pronouncing him dead.

Everyone knows who’s the killer, Eric Holder, wanted for homicide in shooting of Nipsey Hussle. So, why don’t they arrest him on the spot? Well, the problem is that Holder was last seen in a 2016 white 4 door Chevy Cruze CA license plate 7RJD742.

If you don’t know about Nipsey Hussle he was an American rapper and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Nipsey Hussle was also nominated for Best Rap Album at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards in 2019. Hussle initially became known for his numerous mixtapes, including his Bullets Ain't Got No Name series.

There was tributes made for Nipsey Hussle, and it’s such a tragic, and devastating event for fans, communities, everybody that was deeply involved with Nipsey Hussle. There is a manhunt loose to find Eric Holder, and many post on Twitter and Facebook wishing Nipsey Hussle to rest in peace, “This doesn’t make any sense! My spirit is shaken by this! Dear God may His spirit Rest In Peace and May You grant divine comfort to all his loved ones! I’m so sorry this happened to you.” Rihanna posted on Twitter.


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