• Savanah Shadof

Science Olympiad, Come Join!

Do you have a high determination level and a passion for science? If so, join Science Olympiad! Run by coach Becky Walters, Science Olympiad is a national competition. There are 23 events in the competition, ranging from “Disease Detectives”, where students take a 50 minute long test about diseases affecting our society, to “Wright Stuff”, where participants launch an airplane they built and see how long it remains airborne. There are two types of events, build, like Wright Stuff and test events, like Disease Detectives.

Although we compete usually only three times a year, hours of studying, building, and gaining knowledge go into it. There are four levels of competition, invitationals, regionals, state, and nationals, each getting progressively harder. To qualify for nationals, we would need to win state, which West High School has been doing for years on end now.

West has 15 people on their team, the maximum amount of participants allowed. We have nine committed members on our team. Numbers matter in Science Olympiad because we don’t have enough people to participate in all the events. Since we don’t participate in some events, we take an automatic last place, bringing down our overall score.

If you have a passion for science and would like to join the team, contact Becky Walters at rwalters@madison.k12.wi.us. To learn more about the events, visit the Science Olympiad Rule Book. If you’re not able to join this year, make plans to next year because six of our nine members are seniors, so we’ll need your help!



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