• Andreanna Wright

Black Excellence Highlighted at LHS

Happy Black History Month Lancers! Shoutout to all my African-American peers, you’re all beautiful, excellent and destined for greatness. To kickoff this amazing month, schools around the Madison School District, led by the Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), organized different projects with the intention to bring communities, schools, staff and students together to celebrate and bring awareness of the value of the lives of African-Americans. This week of action encouraged staff and faculty to be a part of the important, but hard conversation. The sad reality is that people are afraid to talk about the fact that Black people in particular have become targeted in the United States. We have watched hundreds die because of other people’s ignorance, fear, and plain hatred of someone who appears different than them. To help eliminate the bad image many communities put on Black people, the Madison School District published a website highlighting phenomenal, successful Black students, (yes they exist). Students like Lilyana Sims (9), Ryan Jackson (12) and Kryston Jones (12), just to name a few, are highlighted on this website, telling their stories of achievement and their struggles, and their road to success.

African-American success is not a rare a thing that happens in Madison schools, there are hundreds of students with a plethora of talents that go unnoticed and with this website, the community gets the chance to see the best parts of La Follette High School. To read these students stories please visit: https://news.madison.k12.wi.us/


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