• Savanah Shadof

The Government could be Shut Down for Years

The government has been shut down for nearly a month, marking the longest shutdown in US history. On December 11th, 2018, Trump demand $5 billion for southern border security. When Democrats offered an alternative deal of $1.6 billion, Trump rejected, stating he would be “proud” to shutdown the government. After many failed attempts of trying to keep the government open, the partial shutdown started December 22nd. Trump vows to keep the government shutdown until border security funding is given. This back and forth battle between Democrats and Republicans could last for a while, even years, until they come to a compromise. Trump’s decision is taking a toll on the lives of many Americans. Federal workers are either getting furloughed or not receiving a paycheck. There are roughly 2 million full-time federal workers, including TSA employees, mailmen, and firefighters, citizens that our society depends upon to function. Since they're not being paid, the number of federal workers calling out sick has substantially increased. For example, 7.6% of TSA workers on Monday, January 7th, 2019, didn’t report to work, making the lines at airports two or more hours longer than normal. With media outlets encouraging TSA workers to go on strike, more are expected to call out sick, making the lines even longer. Additionally, since there is less TSA security, on January 16th, a passenger was able to board a plane from Atlanta to Tokyo with a gun. The government shutdown isn’t just affecting lines at airports, but the safety, too. While Trump puts his needs above the citizens, federal worker Mallory Lorge is forced to ration her insulin. Lorge has type 1 diabetes, which requires her too inject insulin to survive. Insulin can cost $368, a price furloughed workers can’t pay. While Trump is shutting down the government to protect our “vulnerable” Americans, people like Lorge are watching their lives slip away from them. It is quite ironic that the actions he’s taken to protect Americans lives is actually damaging them. On the surface, the government shutdown doesn’t seem that significant. However, once you start digging deeper, you can see that millions of Americans are suffering from the selfish actions of Trump.


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