• Andreanna Wright

HBCU's are Where it's at!

For those of you who don’t know, an HBCU is an Historically Black College or University, and they’re all over the US. They are institutions of higher learning that were established before the Civil Rights Act in 1964, with the primary purpose of giving students of color (specifically African-Americans) a better education. If you are familiar with HBCUs it is known that they are highly enthusiastic about African-American history, having loads of fun while getting an education, and representing black excellence. There are many reasons to attend HBCUs

When going to a new college, it can be difficult to adjust and familiarize yourself with new and bigger class sizes, and a new and bigger campus. At an HBCU you have a first and last name, you’re not represented as ‘Student #24 in class #2067’ Your professors will know your name, and hold you accountable for what you do in and out of that person’s class. It is like a tight-knit community that can recognize you from a mile away, there’s no room to hide. At an HBCU you don’t just be a part of the crowd, you become an individual.

At HBCUs there’s a sense of pride in being black that never goes away. The common phrase, “I’m the only black person in this class,” will no longer exist, and you’ll actually have classmates who will want you and push you to succeed. People there will know your worth and help you recognize your worth, and as a Black people, it is crucial to our survival in the real world because there will people out there telling you that you are not good enough. HBCUs train and condition your brain to think of yourself in a higher manner so you’ll go after those competitive jobs or scholarship, or even be the one to think outside the box.

Things really turn up after all your work is done and you’re outside the classroom. The homecoming, the step shows, Battle of the Bands, and countless Fried Chicken Wednesdays are all apart of the HBCU experience. There are countless opportunities to meet new people, and find your crew.

The last part of HBCUs that everyone should know is that there is not “one type” of black person in colleges like this. There will be black people coming from all types of backgrounds all over the world, and the beauty of an HBCU is that it brings all those cultures and personalities under one roof. Even if you are not a person of color, or black, there’s always going to be a spot for you at an HBCU!


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