Shining a Spotlight on the LHSDT

It’s likely you’ve seen them at football games and pep rallies, but what you probably don’t know is all the work that goes into the routines you get to enjoy. The La Follette Dance team has 14 girls this year, and they’re working hard to entertain and impress. They’re coached by Ari Kluesner and led by captains Anya Hunter (12), Lili O’Donnell (12), and Faith Stluka (12). Their regular competition season starts at Oak Creek High School on Saturday, November 9th, and next they’ll compete on January 4th in Oshkosh. After that they will have regionals at Watertown High School on January 25th and if they rank well enough, they’ll move on to the State competition on February 1st in Lacrosse. For

Schmitt and Conway No Stranger to Success

Claire Schmitt and Donald Conway are both seniors and student athletes here at La Follette High School. They are both very familiar with the concepts of hard work and success linked with their respective talents. These two Lancers have important skills like time management, dedication, and perseverance locked down and it especially shows in the way they excel in both athletics and academics. Balancing student life and athletics can be a very difficult task to ask of a high schooler and it can be a hard concept to grasp. Claire Schmitt is very aware of the focus and commitment needed to be successful in her athletics while also succeeding as a student. Schmitt has been very involved through h

2019-20 NBA Preview

Life without watching LeBron, Giannis, and Kevin Durant is tough. We have to struggle through four months of this. The offseason was great, however. Seven future hall of famers changed teams, more than ever before. With Kevin Durant leaving the Dubs and joining the Brooklyn Nets in order to enhance his legacy, the NBA is now wide open. No longer are the Warriors a 100% lock as the best team in the league. There is competition. Instead of just one team coming at you with four future hall of famers, there are now many teams with two all-star caliber players, surrounded by quality role players. With Kawhi and Paul George going to the Clippers, LeBron and AD on the Lakers, Russ and James Harden

Graffiti taking the streets of Monona

Many of you Lancers have probably seen the graffiti murals covering the sides of buildings along Monona Drive and Cottage Grove Road on your way to school. This street art adds a splash of color and design to what are normally grim-colored streets. Murals are currently covering anything from coffee shops to offices, auto-shops to salons. One was even displayed on a visible elevator shaft where apartment buildings are still being built on Cottage Grove Road. “They are really beautiful. When I walk by them, I can feel a positive energy. I am a big fan of graffiti art. I am a rapper so anything creative is awesome to me. With music you have one thought and it can take you anywhere, just like wi

When the Amazon Burns Were Toast

If you weren't enraged or frightened when the Amazon was on fire towards the start of the school year, then things are about to get real. The Amazon Rainforest in South America accounts for half of the world's rainforest (1.4 billion acres) and has thousands of freshwater streams that provide water for many villages and cities. Just imagine that your water becomes undrinkable and polluted and plastic water bottles aren't an option either because you live in a small community that doesn’t have one of our typical grocery stores. How would you cook ramen, hydrate yourself, or bathe properly? Losing this forest will evidently impact us all, but first it will hurt those living off of the forest.

New Food Opportunity Rolls Up at La Follette

There is a new option for lunch at La Follette! The bright colored trucks outside of the activities entrance is bringing in fresh and unique food options for students. The trucks have been coming to La Follette since 2018. They come every Tuesday during the lunch hour. “I say it is convenient enough for students because it is right outside the school,” Apollo Kaufman (11) said. Students only need their ID number and money in their lunch account. The new lunch option has come from a collaboration with the Madison Metropolitan School District and a group called REAP. REAP is a company with the goal of getting people in the Madison area. The company helps local farmers sell their food that they

New IT Pathway

Last year, MMSD announced that there would be a new pathway introduced into our high schools. The Information and Technology Communication pathway, or ITC, offers an array of classes that fit the general theme. Some classes include graphic design, video production, and A.P. computer science. According to the MMSD website, our school hopes this pathway will “prepare our diverse students to seek out and solve problems as lifelong innovative learners.” IT jobs are predicted to grow faster than other industries in the next decade, so this pathway couldn’t come any sooner for our potential future web developers and software engineers. The IT pathway will join the healthcare pathway in offering st

Self Care: the Importance of Taking Time for Yourself In a Busy Day

Do you ever feel like your day is just jam-packed, filled to the brim with school, homework, sports, and other activities and responsibilities? Does it feel like you just never have time for yourself anymore? If so, you’re definitely not alone. With how crazy and hectic a high schooler’s schedule can get, there’s not a lot of time left in a day for something as seemingly trivial as ‘self care’. As another school year rolls into motion, it is so, so important to remember to value yourself during these busy days, and set aside some time to care for and love yourself. The idea of self care is a concept that has been talked about a lot lately. Its technical definition is “the practice of taking

Krall at the Helm of La Follette Athletics

The La Follette athletics program, as with all things, has its ups and downs. Since 1967, La Follette has won a football state championship, two track and field state championships, three basketball state championships, two volleyball state championships, seven dance and cheer state titles, one for golf, two for cross country, six runner-up state titles, and eight individual state champs in various sports. La Follette’s accomplishments go fairly unknown however, usually being drowned out by the school’s negative reputation. Last year, former Athletic Director Kevin Porter resigned to take a job at Mansfield High School in his hometown of Mansfield, Ohio, leaving the athletic director spot op

New Faces at La Follete

By now, I’m sure many of you are well aware that since the 2018-19 school year there have been a handful of changes here at LHS, and the names on the doors throughout each hallway are no exception. Though there weren’t quite as many staff swap outs as last year, La Follette has welcomed over 30 new staff members into the school community this year Because there are so many new arrivals, it would take multiple articles to cover them all, so today we’ll recognize some of the staff you will likely see at one point or another this year at La Follette. You may not have seen his face, but you definitely heard his voice sometime in the early weeks of September. Mr. Mark Krall, the interim athletic

LHS Alumni Savion Castro appointed to Madison School Board

One of Savion Castro’s favorite memories from attending La Follette was when he broke a hurdle in half during track practice. Not only was it considered a stepping stone in his running career, but for him, it was also symbolic of running through life boldly. Castro attended La Follette from 2009-2013. More recently, at only 24-years old, Castro was appointed to the Madison Metropolitan School District Board of Education, to replace the spot of former board president Mary Burke. He ran against nearly 30 other applicants for the position. For the first time in MMSD history, there are now two African American board members, and the majority of the board is made up of people of color. Now Castro

Volnteer oppertunities at La Follette High School

Getting volunteer opportunities at La Follette has gotten easier with the start of Interact Club. Anyone interested can come to Interact. If you want volunteer hours or just want to help in the community, then it’s the right place to be. “Interact is for anyone who is passionate about serving others and making a positive change,” club leader, Jenelle DeVries (12) says. Interact meets every other Friday in C17. To stay connected and get updates on different activities that are going on, you can follow them on Instagram @lafolletteinteractclub or email them with any questions at Interact, which stands for International Action, is sponsored by Rotary Internatio

La Follette’s New Partner In the Adopt-A-School Program

Didn’t you love La Follette’s theater productions such as Arsenic and Old Lace or Seussical the Musical? Well this year, La Follette’s Drama Department is collaborating with the Forward Theater Company. They’ll work together to produce both the fall play, Girls in the Boat, and the spring musical, 13. Before talk of the collaboration even began, Forward Theater’s Artistic Director Jennifer Gray got a taste of what our drama department was capable of when she attended one of the rehearsals of Seussical the Musical. “The afternoon that I spent with those young people was incredibly inspiring, and their obvious lack of resources was incredibly dispiriting,” said Gray in her video release statem

Vaping is Smoking the Nation

We see it everywhere. Vaping has consumed the media, the healthcare industry, and sadly, fellow Americans. The new fad, thought to be a healthy alternative to smoking, has resulted in illness taking the lives of people nationwide. Being dubbed the “vaping lung illness” by media, symptoms include nausea, vomiting, fatigue, and coughing among other signs. Although the majority of diagnosed patients used e-cigarette products, there’s still some confusion on if it caused the illness. “We do not yet know the specific cause of these illnesses. The investigation has not identified any specific e-cigarette or vaping product or substance that is linked to all cases,” the CDC said. This isn’t the firs

6nitch9ine's Trial Proves What Many Thought

By now, I’m sure all of us have heard of a particular rainbow haired rapper, Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi 6ix9ine. After he blew up in 2018 with his first hit “Gummo”, he quickly rose to the top of the charts. From the beginning, there were many speculations as to if he was as “hard” as he made it seem in his songs. With lyrics like “You can talk hot on the internet boy, that’s that goofy sh*t, we ain’t into that boy”, and “Rap about it do the same thang." This all becomes clearly ironic considering his testimony to the court on September 16, 2019. This all goes back to November of last year, when Tekashi and other members of the Nine Trey Blood gang were convicted on racketeering charges.

The Importance of Days for Girls

In 2008, an international non-profit organization called Days For Girls was founded by a woman named Celeste Mergens. This organization goes to third-world countries and educates women all over the globe about the menstrual cycle and gives them sustainable, reusable feminine products. In countries or situations where it may be hard to obtain disposable pads or tampons, the Supreme Days For Girls Kit is an amazing product. All in a drawstring bag, it includes eight absorbent liners, two ziplock bags (for washing and storage), one washcloth, two pairs of panties, two waterproof shields, a bar of soap, and instructions on how to use these products. Each liner is designed to look like a washclot

How to be a VSCO Girl

VSCO is a photography app where you create an account to upload or take photos, edit, add filters, and share them with other VSCO users or export to other social media outlets. Lately, there has been a common image for VSCO girls that isn’t too difficult to achieve. “It’s not really something that I would personally identify with, but a lot of the trend [includes] Hydro Flasks, kankens. Burt’s Bees, scrunchies, and metal straws,” Jolie Schrage (9) said. Anybody can follow along really, whether they just prefer the things that are associated with the trend or they’re trying to create a VSCO girl image. The first step to achieving the VSCO girl look is having and using a Hydro Flask. Hydro Fla

Who Runs the Boat? Girls!

Every year, La Follette puts on a spring musical and a fall play. In the last couple of years, La Follette has performed The Diary of Anne Frank, You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Seussical. This year, LHS is putting on a play that has only been performed once before. It is called Girls in the Boat, and was written for a specific theatre group in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, called Milwaukee’s First Stage Theatre. It’s no secret that women have been facing social injustices for a long time, especially when it comes to male-dominated activities like sports. Girls in the Boat brings to light all of the hardships that the US women’s rowing team has faced through the ages. One

New York dancers face controversy over photo scandal

Approximately one year ago, Amar Ramasar, Zachary Catazaro, and Chase Finlay, all dancers of the New York Ballet Company, were accused of sharing nude photos of one of their female colleagues amongst themselves without consent. It is said that Finlay was in a relationship with the woman, Alexandra Waterbury, at the time of the photo exchange. A plan to fire Finlay from the company was in place when he resigned. As for Ramasar and Catazaro, there was a bit more controversy. The original plan of the company was to suspend them without pay until 2020, but after hearing the concerns of dancers, staff members, and others in the City Ballet community, they moved to fire the two principal dancers i

Celebrity Culture: Jameela Jamil and the Importance of Activism

With the prominence of social media in this day and age, it feels like we see celebrities everywhere we go, and we always know what they’re up to. This is just something we’re used to, and a lot of us don’t really think about. It’s pretty fun to live vicariously through celebrities taking lavish vacations, to judge dresses on the Oscars red carpet, or to laugh at a Keeping Up With the Kardashians clip you see on Twitter. In America, it’s commonplace to admire and know a lot about famous people. But often, these celebrities have huge impacts on regular people, especially teenagers, that we don’t even realize. These impacts can be small and seemingly inconsequential, like basing your style off