Athletes of the Term

It’s that time again to recognize two of our outstanding La Follette athletes. These achieving students have been chosen based on their dedication and performance on their respective fields, as well as in the classroom and their day to day lives. Among a list of candidates, Erik Olson and Audrey Burke have stood out, and this is why. Olson, a La Follette student of four years, has made his mark on the track field, as he is a faithful participant of Boys Cross Country and Track and Field. Aside from lettering three years in cross country, the senior has gotten involved with Science Olympiad (though he has yet to compete), and helped spread the word of the March 14th Walk Out for Gun Control l

Artists of the Term

This term we are celebrating two phenomenal musicians who have practically dedicated their lives to their craft. Two very similar artists who have started young have built their music platform up to where they can claim to be one of the best musicians in the school. Grace O’Connell and Gabe Lemke have clearly overstepped the boundaries when it comes to musicianship and conforming to the clear beauty of music. You may know O’Connell from seeing her jam out with her beloved trumpet with the Pep Band out in Lussier Stadium during the Friday Night Lights, or dressed in her very best at the band concerts. But little did you know that her musical journey actually began plunking on piano keys. “Tho

What was the cause of the death of Nipsey Hussle?

After the killing of Nipsey Hussle, 19 people were injured during a vigil at the scene of Sunday’s shooting. The police identified the suspect late Monday. Eric Holder, 29, of Los Angeles, was being sought by police. Investigator alleged that Holder went up to Hussle and two other men at the parking lot of Star’s Marathon Clothing, Holder then fired numerous times and then fled in a waiting vehicle where supposedly suspected that the driver was a female. 19 people transported to the hospital, fire official said that most of the injuries that happened appear to be trample injuries. There are so many scenarios on whether what happened but the one that possibly happened was a fight that broke o