New Movie “Beautiful Boy” Shows How Ugly Addiction Can Be

Just a warning, there’s a mild spoiler alert involving the movement of the plot, so please read at your own risk. Amazon’s new movie “Beautiful Boy” (2018), adapted from memoirs by David and Nic Sheff, documents Nic’s struggle with his crystal meth addiction and how that affects his relationship with his father, David. While this movie features beloved Steve Carrell and heartthrob Timothée Chalamet, it also brings awareness to the rising drug addiction rates recorded in the United States. The book seems to include more of a biological and chemical standpoint to Nic’s addiction, whereas the movie is more about how addiction influences your relationships with others, specifically parental rela

Science Olympiad, Come Join!

Do you have a high determination level and a passion for science? If so, join Science Olympiad! Run by coach Becky Walters, Science Olympiad is a national competition. There are 23 events in the competition, ranging from “Disease Detectives”, where students take a 50 minute long test about diseases affecting our society, to “Wright Stuff”, where participants launch an airplane they built and see how long it remains airborne. There are two types of events, build, like Wright Stuff and test events, like Disease Detectives. Although we compete usually only three times a year, hours of studying, building, and gaining knowledge go into it. There are four levels of competition, invitationals, regi

A look into One America’s Most Wanted Serial Killers

During the 1970’s, infamous serial killer, Ted Bundy raped and viciously murdered an estimate of 30 women from several North-Western States and the state of Florida. Bundy introduced a new image of what a serial killer could look like, he was handsome, articulate, and educated which astonished the United States. He used his wits and charm to seduce women into trusting him, subsequently leading to the deaths of many young innocent women. He was sentenced to death by Florida state and died in January 24th 1989. Bundy has recently made headlines again when Netflix released a four episode docuseries series called, “Conversations With A Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” to provide an opportunit

Black Excellence Highlighted at LHS

Happy Black History Month Lancers! Shoutout to all my African-American peers, you’re all beautiful, excellent and destined for greatness. To kickoff this amazing month, schools around the Madison School District, led by the Madison Teachers Inc. (MTI), organized different projects with the intention to bring communities, schools, staff and students together to celebrate and bring awareness of the value of the lives of African-Americans. This week of action encouraged staff and faculty to be a part of the important, but hard conversation. The sad reality is that people are afraid to talk about the fact that Black people in particular have become targeted in the United States. We have watched

Artists of the Term: Wright and Jackson

Given their dedication to their art form, school performance, and important role in our community, it only makes sense that Andréanna Wright and Ryan Jackson are our Artists of the Term. These Lancers have spent all four years at La Follette High, contributing in very different ways. Wright has made her contributions mainly on stage, partaking in Voices Choir here at LHS, beginning sophomore year. Outside these red locker-lined halls, Wright has been involved in a handful of musical endeavors, such as House Theaters’ production of “Hairspray” last summer, in which she played a Dynamite, along with the occasional solo for her church, specifically during the holiday season. For the past ten ye

Athletes of the Term: Eder and Collinge Shooting for the Net

This term we have two phenomenal athletes to recognize, not only for their dedication to their sport, but for their influence in the community. Kaytlin Eder has been playing basketball since she was 5 and has stuck with it because of her love for the sport. Growing up, her dad has inspired her to continue and while pushing her to be the best, he would always say “if you don't love the game you don't have to play.” Eder enjoys the long season, full of competition and bonding with her teammates, but the endless 17’s and losing the close games are not the most enjoyable. While juggling academics, being a student athlete can make that even harder. Eder uses her study halls, down time, and someti