Bucks at #1

For some Milwaukee Bucks fans it may be impossible to imagine the success their beloved Bucks are having this year. The Bucks only have one NBA Finals Championship to their name and are enduring a 48 year drought. Yet after all the years of waiting, Bucks fans are finally rewarded for their loyalty. The Bucks are a likely favorite for the NBA Finals this year through about half of the season. Currently with a 32-12 record, Milwaukee stands alone as the first place team in the NBA, and have not lost consecutive games all year with star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the charge. Giannis is 9th in the NBA with 26.4 points per game, and 7th with 12.5 rebounds. Although a key factor, Giann

How T.W.I.R.P. can be Problematic

La Follette has a lot of things going for it, but one major aspect is our homecomings. I think the majority of us can agree that our annual homecoming dance is pretty “lit.” Because of this highly esteemed event, it’s no surprise that there have been talks about another dance. A popular one among many schools, including MMSD schools, is an called TWIRP. This acronym stands for “The Woman Is Required (Requested) to Pay.” Now, on the surface this may seem completely harmless - typically, guys are expected to do all the work; ask, drive and pay. With this theme, the tables turn, and the girls are forced to step up. The fundamental goal of the dance isn’t at all troublesome, but the Sadie Hawkin

Hey Soccer Fans, Guess What?

Madison is going to have a USL League One club! The team, called Forward Madison FC, has not yet been announced as what team it will be the affiliate of, though it is expected to be the affiliate of the Minnesota United club. The team gets its name from the Wisconsin state motto “forward,” and the location of the team being Madison. The new team will start in the 2019 season and will play at Breese Stevens Field, built in 1926 and included in the National Registry of Historical Places downtown. The team’s headquarters is located right next to Breese Stevens. The stadium, which is a protected landmark, has had a few improvements in recent years. AstroTurf and a concessions/restroom bui

The Cradle of Division 3 Football

Between Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois there are 59 Division 3 football teams. Wisconsin and its neighboring states are usually well represented in the 32 team playing field of the playoffs. This year is no exception. Two Wisconsin teams, three Minnesota, two Illinois and one from Iowa are in the playoffs. For a comparison, in those states, there are seven Division 1 teams, none of which have won the national championship game since 1960. There have been 15 D3 titles won by teams in these four states since the tournament began in 1973, so it seems fair to say that D3 football is stronger around here than in D1. You could argue that there are 59 teams compared to 7 so they ha

The Government could be Shut Down for Years

The government has been shut down for nearly a month, marking the longest shutdown in US history. On December 11th, 2018, Trump demand $5 billion for southern border security. When Democrats offered an alternative deal of $1.6 billion, Trump rejected, stating he would be “proud” to shutdown the government. After many failed attempts of trying to keep the government open, the partial shutdown started December 22nd. Trump vows to keep the government shutdown until border security funding is given. This back and forth battle between Democrats and Republicans could last for a while, even years, until they come to a compromise. Trump’s decision is taking a toll on the lives of many Americ

Christian Yelich wins National League MVP

MLB outfielder Christian Yelich played his debut season with the Milwaukee Brewers this past season after being traded from the Miami Marlins in the off season. His season was successful to say the least, earning himself the National League Most Valuable Player Award. Yelich topped fellow National League players Nolen Arenado and Javier Baez with 29 of the 30 first place votes. Humbly Yelich stated, “You never dream of winning an award like this.” The beginning of Yelich’s 2018 season started with fairly typical respectable numbers. It all changed for Yelich at the All Star break. After hitting a homerun in the All Star Game things started to heat up for Milwaukee’s left fielder. Yelich had