Lance Reporters got to Interview Tammy Baldwin!

On Thursday, November 1st two of our Lance staff members got to meet someone who many have only seen on TV. Andreanna Wright (12) and I got the opportunity to sit in on an interview with US Senator Tammy Baldwin at the Wisconsin State Journal. At the time, Baldwin was meeting with the editorial board at the newspaper seeking an endorsement, which she ended up getting against her opponent Leah Vukmir for the fall 2018 general election in Wisconsin last month. An endorsement is simply when a newspaper gives their public support to a candidate during an election to give the readers their opinion. But in order to do this in a fair and educated way, they try their best to meet with every

No More Wifi?!

At 3:43 pm on November 19th, students at La Follette High school were met with a horrifying email from our principal, Sean Storch. In the weekly update. To restrict use of bullying and harassment on social media at LHS, we will shut off guest wifi starting November 19.” As of 9:00 am on the 19th, the guest wifi is up and running for us. In the e-mail sent to students and their families, this shocking statement was made; “To restrict use of bullying and harassment on social media at LHs, we will shut off guest wifi starting November 19”. Many students took social media to denounce this new rule immediately. However, this doesn’t affect the wifi that our chromebooks are using, so don’t worry a

How the Holidays can be Triggering for Survivors

‘Tis the season for a well needed break from school. For most students, this break is stress relieving and a time to relax, sleep in, and eat food. For some though, the thought of going to break can be terrifying. Some students have had to live through sexual assault, and of those assaulted, 30% would be by family members. Your family is supposed to be filled with people that you trust, love and care for. If you put yourself into someone's shoes, just imagine going to a family gathering and the uncle sitting across from you has been assaulting you. You’re obviously going to be extremely uncomfortable and scared. People rarely choose to report sexual assault tha

Fire Fighting Goats

Forest fires have been combated by many different people with quite a few techniques, but there is another one trying to stop forest fires: an animal. Smokey the Bear is no longer the only animal working to prevent forest fires, for he now is joined by goats. Yes, forest fire fighting goats. In Girona, Spain, there is a group of goats led by shepherds, who are helping in the Fire Flocks project. The Fire Flocks project is run by Surgi Nuss, a scientist, and the goal of the project is to prevent large forest fires in the area by ridding of fuel for that type of fire. The source that fuels the fires happen to be what goats and sheep eat: dead grass and brush. The goats eat all the vegetation b

HBCU's are Where it's at!

For those of you who don’t know, an HBCU is an Historically Black College or University, and they’re all over the US. They are institutions of higher learning that were established before the Civil Rights Act in 1964, with the primary purpose of giving students of color (specifically African-Americans) a better education. If you are familiar with HBCUs it is known that they are highly enthusiastic about African-American history, having loads of fun while getting an education, and representing black excellence. There are many reasons to attend HBCUs When going to a new college, it can be difficult to adjust and familiarize yourself with new and bigger class sizes, and a new and bigger campus.